Goddess Couture Lashes specializes in the art of shaping the brow to fit the face shape. The eyebrows were designed to enhance the eyes. Adrienne perceive eyebrows as an introduction to “hello”. If your eyebrows are overwhelming your face, this can distract from a great conversation because the other person is constantly looking at your brows and not your dreamy eyes. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so lets make it a good one!

Your face is one of the first things someone notices about you, and in this case appearances are everything. Want to impress your colleagues in the workplace? How about sporting a smooth, gentle look thanks to our convenient location near Atlanta. 

Adrienne Taylors uses a variety of waxes such as hard waxes, sensitive skin waxes, and sugaring to remove coarse, fine and medium textures of hair.

Our waxing service in Georgia waxing is one of the only guaranteed ways to ensure that your face is stubble-free for men (as opposed a razor, which leaves your hair blunt-edged and rough). We remove the entire hair shaft, which means the hair grows back naturally instead, and our comprehensive services include the cheek, chin, upper lip, and especially the eyebrows.

Adrienne is an esthetician, providing you with an unparalleled amount of precision, which is critical for any woman near the Atlanta area looking for a facial waxing session. For example, if your salon esthetician is working around your eyebrows, you can be sure that only the waxed hair will be removed, leaving you with perfectly-shaped eyebrows in a clean environment. If you need to get in for a quick maintenance just call us and we will work you in. We can also work this eyebrow waxing in while you are have your hair colored.

Tweezing, touchups, facial waxing including chin and body is also available. We are here for you

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